Who Are We?

The Link Charitable Trust (LCT) was incorporated in July 2015 and gained charitable status in March 2016. Our charitable objective is the promotion of good health for public benefit in particular but not exclusively by providing support for children, young people and adults suffering from emotional wellbeing and mental health difficulties. The aim of The Link Charitable Trust (LCT) is to provide provision to local families and individuals in need and those living with the effects of poverty; residing in Redcar and Cleveland.

The Link Charitable Trust is not a government funded body and we are constantly raising funds to keep our core services going. We rely on people like you to donate to us so that we can keep supporting the families that we already work with and to continue to make a difference to other.

The LCT works with children, young people, families and vulnerable adults. Our most significant activity is responding to local needs and to the ongoing development of projects and solutions developed in partnership with the community and our partners. Using our first-hand knowledge and ongoing consultation with local children, young people and adults, we shape our offer to ensure that those most vulnerable and at-risk people are identified, developed and encouraged to participate, access services, become active and transform their lives. LCT provides local people with support and better equips family and community members to support each other, increasing their social inclusion.

Our Values

Empower, non judgmental, family focussed and Flexible. 

Service Delivery Statement

The Link Charitable Trust (LCT) works with children, young people, families and adults to promote positive family life and relationships by providing supportive activities for all. LCT provides various activities for all families through our different projects.

Our Mission

The Link Charitable Trust supports children, young people, families and adults to make positive changes to their lives through a range of emotional, social and wellbeing activities and services within the community. It offers open access to support, advice and guidance, for as long as it is felt to be needed.

Meet the Team

Hannah Moloney
Charity Manager
Carl Sims
Lead Project Worker
Annette Duff
Project Worker
Becca Lynch
Project Worker
Jessa Brown
Project Worker
Diane Calderbank
Project Worker
Helen Bartram
Project Worker / Marketing Coordinator
Jo Costello
Project Worker / Volunteer Coordinator
Callum Nicholson
Project Worker / HR Administrator
Russell Ayles
Adult Counsellor
Katie Finkill
Adult Mental Health Project Coordinator
Francesca McDougall
Adult Mental Health Support Worker
Lorraine Bateman
Children and Young People Project Coordinator
Dave Leopard
CYP Sessional Worker
Beth Rounsley
Administrative Assistant
Valeriya Gosakova
Administrative Assistant


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